I recently read a comment from a sharpener who proudly stated that she was an approved sharpener with…

On her website she said, “I have been factory trained on the Scimech flat hone, Twice as Sharp, Tru-Hone, and Extreme Cut 16”. I sharpen bevel and convex shears/scissors, clipper blades, and knives. I offer Andis and Oster clipper repairs.”

I wasn’t surprised with her claims about what she can sharpen but the truth is that sharpening a convex (Japanese style) shear on a flat hone or a grinder(the Simech and the Twice as Sharp) will damage the shears. The Flat Hone will progressively flatten the blade out so the slight curve from hilt to tip will become flat, while the grinder will put a bevel edge on the blade and flatten the radius.

I have found that 99% of the sharpeners all want to do a good job and all try to do a good job but the technology in their equipment and the training they were given simply means they cannot restore shears to factory new condition.

For the only guaranteed method of restoring shears to factory new condition you have to look at the Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening system.



Well it’s been a while since I put a new post on this blog. Big News! I’m now a Diamond Rose Superior Sharpener…

In the last year I have become a certified Diamond Rose Shears Supreior Sharpening system sharpener. I found it interesting that everything I said in the initial reviews is true.

In my territory I have, what I guess you might call competitors, who use everything from grinders to flat hone machines all the way to a belt sander with a leather belt on it. I can actually tell who sharpened the shears last when I look at them.

I won’t mention names but here is what I see.

  • Flat hone sharpeners do remove the radius. I check each shear before I start to see how much radius is left on the blades and show the stylists how flat the blades are.
  • The grinder guys take off so much metal that they literally remove years from the life of the blade. Not to mention they straighten the radius and put a bevel edge on the blade.
  • The gentleman using the leather belt simply can’t maintain the correct angle on the blade.

Last month I sharpened a pair that a stylist had had sharpened two hours before I came into the salon. They wouldn’t cut hair even though the sharpener showed her that they passed the sanek strip test.  I tested them the right way, with a slow even pressure and they failed the sanek strip test. This guy charged her $25 and left her with a pair of shears she couldn’t use.

I felt sorry for her so I gave a discount but she still had to pay me again to fix them.

There are several sharpeners using flat hone machines who actually change the shape of the blade. Near the hilt the blade is narrower then in the center it is slightly thicker and the tip it curves up. This lack of precision is caused by different amounts of pressure being applied when the shear is being sharpened.  The result is the shear pushes hair away from the hilt until it clumps up at the center then the shear folds the hair.  The only fix is to fully resharpen the shear and smooth out the radius from hilt to tip.  I fix this kind of issue all the time.

I’ve sharpened a coated shear that had literally half the color polished off the blade. I showed the stylist this before I started and showed her one of the coated shears I sell so she could see just how little metal I take off the blade. I was able to sharpen it but I couldn’t put the coating back on. She is thrilled at the way her shears cut now.

I have entire salons who call me for appointments now and won’t let anyone else touch their shears. THis is a great business if you are using the right equipment with the right techniques.

So to continue the review aspects of this blog here are a couple of real life examples.

  • A stylist had her shears sharpened by someone using a grinder. He changed the angle on the blade and put a bevel edge on it as well. I corrected both issues for the stylist showing her what had been done and what I did. Another happy customer.
  • One of my loyal customers will only let me touch his Nic Kings. These $1000 shears are his favorites. Last time I sharpened his shears (and most of the rest of the stylists shears in that salon) I had him test drive what I call the best shear in the world. The Damascus by Mushashi Shears. I told him he’d love them, and I warned him that his client would actually be able to tell the difference. He kept glaring at me while he was cutting his client’s hair. He called over and asked me how long I’d had these shears, I answered about 6 months he asked how many people used them, I told him over 100. He kept glaring at me. When I went over after he finished he told me that these were the best shears he’d ever used, and that his client had told him she could feel the difference.  I just smiled and said “I told you so!”
  • I got a call to sharpen shears for the entire salon (A Great Clips) a week ago. Every shear in the salon was in bad shape. The last time they were sharpened they were done on a grinder.It took most of the afternoon but I was able to fix all the shears and bring them back to factory new condition.

One final note for this posting-

I’ve had to re-sharpen at no charge only 2 shears in the year I’ve been doing this. I have had two shears I couldn’t fix that were simply too old or too short to sharpen.  This is out of the thousands of shears I’ve sharpened. The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is truly head and shoulders better than any other system out there.



Janine on Shear Genius says, “Musashi Dry Shears were perfect for this [cutting on dry hair]”

Just a quick note to mention that on Shear Genius this week,  the stylists were presented with the challenge of cutting hair dry.  Guess what shear was perfect for this? The MR6!

If you did not get a chance to watch, please click on the link below.  At 6 minutes and 40 seconds, you will see Janine saying that the “Musashi Dry Shears were perfect for this [cutting on dry hair]” and they showed a picture of our Musashi shears! We have already had someone contact us via email asking about the Musashi Dry Finish shear.  Use this to your advantage today and show the MR6!
Shear Genius

Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System February class a big success

Well it has finally happened – the entire state of Utah is now covered by Diamond Rose Shears Distributors with the addition of our newest husband and wife team.

Arizona is also pretty much full as well with our latest addition there.

Colorado has only one open territory left.

The class was a big success. Our newest distributors can’t wait to get moving in their new territories. If you are anywhere in the US and want to know if there is a territory in your area still available drop a line to wl@diamondroseshears.com we’ll be happy to check.

PLUS don’t forget that Shear Genius (Bravo TV) is exclusively using Musashi Shears this year. (See the special offer for the Shear Genius Two Shear Set at http://www.haircuttingshearsbymusashi.com)

We are very excited by this incredible celebrity endorsement.

How to Test for Sharpness

Testing a pair of scissors for sharpness is relatively easy.

The best way to test the sharpness of your shears is to wet a Sanek-Strip® and make a slow (relaxed/no torquing) cut through it. Use the entire length of the blade. If they cut through cleanly without tearing or folding the wet Sanek-Strip, your scissors are sharp and will give a good clean cut. If they don’t, if they bend, tear or simply won’t cut through the Sanek-Strip®, they need to be sharpened.

Dull scissors crunch or break the hair when cutting causing split ends, and a dull pair of scissors will adds to the stylist’s fatigue at the end of the day.

Don’t miss the Second Shear Genius Show This Week

This Wednesday on Bravo TV you can catch the second episode of Shear Genius.

Down to 11 contestants and all new challenges.

Have fun and let’s hear about your favorites.

Shear Genius Season 3 Starts Wed 2-3-2010!

Don’t miss the start of the new season, season 3.

Just a note in case you haven’t heard, every stylist on the show this year is using a set of 4 Musashi Shears during the competition.